Swift Apprentice

I’m the author of the Swift Apprentice second edition. This is my first book ever and a very big dream finally becoming true. You can read more about it here.

This book wouldn’t have ever been possible without the following people:

  1. Janie Clayton, Alexis Gallagher, Matt Galloway, Eli Ganem, Erik Kerber, Ben Morrow – the book’s co-authors: we all worked very hard to polish each and every chapter.
  2. Steven Van Impe – the book’s technical editor: he made all the chapters rise and shine and made sure we are always on the right track with absolutely everything.
  3. Chris Belanger – the book’s editor: he made sure our technical English writing skills are perfect and at a really high standard.
  4. Ray Fix – the book’s final pass editor: he tweaked all the chapters and added useful material to each and every one of them.
  5. Victoria Wenderlich – the book’s designer: she made sure all the book’s images, pictures, drawings, graphics and book cover are of really top quality and high class.
  6. Ray Wenderlich – the book’s coordinator: he made sure everything runs smoothly and we all create a masterpiece in the end.

I really do hope that you enjoy reading the book just as much as I enjoyed writing it just for you and I wish you good luck with all of your Swift adventures and endeavours. Happy coding! 🙂

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3 comments on “Swift Apprentice
  1. Adrian says:

    Exista si versiune in limba romana?


    • Cartea nu este tradusa, insa eu tin cursuri si fac meditati saptamanale individuale pe Swift, atat fata in fata daca esti din Bucuresti, cat si online pe Skype daca esti din alta parte. Te rog sa imi spui daca esti interesat si putem vorbi mai multe despre asta.


  2. cum te gasesc pe skype? Sunt din TM


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