Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t live in the US but I’ve always liked the idea of Thanksgiving. There are a lot of people who I am grateful to this year for their help with this blog. The Programming Apprentice website is already one month old and I do hope to grow and improve it in the following years. So without any further ado, here‘s my Thanksgiving’s list for this year:

1. My Mum & Dad for believing in me all the way even when I didn’t believe in myself anymore.
2. My aunt for believing in me as well even if she doesn’t quite understand what I write about – although she does proofread all the tutorials.
3. My grandmother whom I miss a lot and I do hope that I make her proud with everything I do.
4. Irina & Gordon – two great friends who talked to me and understood me when I needed it the most.
5. Ray & Vicki from raywenderlich.com for giving me the chance to be part of the best online community of programming tutorials out there and inspiring me to create my own technical blog.
6. Matthijs from matthijshollemans.com for writing the best iOS development learning resource out there – The iOS Apprentice.
7. Marin from underplot.com for writing the Swift Ninja series.
8. Natasha from natashatherobot.com for creating the best iOS development newsletter out there which I read each and every single Monday.
9. Erica from ericasadun.com for writing the best Auto Layout book out there.
10. John from simpleprogrammer.com for the best how to create your very own blog crash course out there.
11. Matteo from matteomanferdini.com for the best article about what it takes to become a successful iOS developer out there.
12. Reinder from learnappmaking.com for explaining how a successful iOS developer can solve difficult and unexpected problems even under complicated circumstances.
13. Andrei & Silviu from weheartswift.com for building a great website and community of iOS & Swift tutorials.
14. Paul from hackingwithswift.com for hacking with Swift and iOS the way he does.
15. Yong from Swift Education for his sustained effort of bringing iOS and Swift development into the academic world.
16. Nate & Matt from nshipster.com for one of the best iOS development blogs out there.
17. Duc from Developers Academy for his awesome video tutorials.
18. Matt – the author of Swift Apprentice, Christine & Felipe from the iOS raywenderlich.com tutorial team, Roxana from Simplon Romania, Florin & Cătălin from Bravo Game Studios and Ana & Tudor, my former high school classmates, for providing valuable feedback for my tutorials.
19. Grigore for his sustained effort in becoming an iOS apprentice.
20. The iOS development community as a whole – Stack Overflow, GitHub, the Twitter technical community.
21. The Apple folks for doing such a great job with the docs, specs, apps and the Swift book – they are all really well written.
22. Simon from appcoda.com for building a great website and community of iOS & Swift tutorials.
23. You for reading this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you all so much for reading my blog! 🙂

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2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!
  1. Reinder says:

    Thank YOU for being awesome 🙂 Happy thanksgiving!


  2. Nectaria says:

    You are just great! 🙂


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